How to install Office 365 only special app


Surely, everyone is also looking for a way to install Office 365 but only need the basic apps, no need to install all, because when installing normally it will be quite a lot of unused apps and needless memory.

In this article, I show you how to use Microsoft's official store to customize the applications you want to install on your computer, in order to save memory as well as the installation process faster.

Steps to step

Step 1: Download Office Deployment Tool

  • 1.1 After extracting (run) officedeploymenttool there will be 3 files, delete any files you don't need to go.
  • 1.2 Here I installed Office 365, only keeping the setup.exe file. Delete all the rest.

Step 2: Generate Code

When entering the code generation page. You select the appropriate cells as you like.

  • 2.1 After entering the page to create the selected code. You click Export to export the xml code and download it.
  • 2.2 Then bring the downloaded xml file to the same folder as the setup.exe file.

Step 3: Setup Code

Save the code below in cmd format. But note the line configuration-Office365-x64.xml , whatever name your xml file is, type the same.

@echo off cd %~dp0 setup.exe /configure configuration-Office365-x64.xml pause

Step 4: Run

You run the cmd file with Run as Adminstator. And enjoy the results.

Video tutorial